Safely removes colour and lightens: Deco Style gently and effectively acts on the colour pigments to recreate even the most sophisticated and complex techniques.

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Deco Style Blu – Bleaching Powder

Deco Style Blu is the bleaching powder by ABSTYLE with an anti-red indicator, which is especially  suitable for intense, gradual bleaching: lightens by up to 7/8 tones without compromising the natural condition of the hair fibre. Ideal for tone on tone lightening and for delicate light effects. It doesn’t damage the hair and, thanks to the agents in its formulation, it reduces the appearance of unsightly tones during the decolouring process.

500 g size

Deco Style Blu Compact – Compact Bleaching Powder

Deco Style is the bleaching powder that’s ideal for intense bleaching (up to 6/7 tones). Its action supports the decolouring service carried out by the colour technician, acting on the pigment without damaging the hair’s structure. This ultra-reliable product guarantees simplified and safe use on hair.

1000 g size