ABSTYLE is your go-to range. Its innovative Slash and Whiff spray protects hair, giving it radiance, as well as enhancing your style creations and intensifying the look.

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Slash - Frizz control Oil Non Oil

Frizz Control Oil Non Oil

Slash Oil Non Oil is a hair fluid that offers shine and frizz protection after only one application. Enriched with vegetable extracts, it shields the external structure of the hair, giving it instant brightness and making it easy to comb. A powerful cosmetic action is combined with frizz control, to give the hair immediate shine and softness without leaving it greasy or weighed down.

Size 200 ml

Crystal Gloss – Ultra-Shine Spray

Crystal Gloss – Ultra Shine Spray

Enhances hair’s natural beauty by adding a final touch of gloss and shine: Crystal Gloss is a gentle gloss spray with a velvety action that does not weigh hair down or make it greasy. Its lightweight formula, rich in active ingredients, enhances looks with unparalleled shine, improving manageability and making hair soft, shiny and defined all day long.

300 ml size

Whiff - Eco Hairspray

Fixform – Eco Hairspray

Eco Fix Hairspray supports finishing with a medium hold, naturally setting the forms and volumes defined by the hair stylist. Ideal for enhancing hair with an instant, lightweight hold, it doesn’t weigh hair down or leave any residue. Thanks to its exclusive environmentally-friendly gas-free formula, it also helps to protect the environment.

400 ml size

Whiff - Directional Hair Spray

Extreme – Directional Hairspray

A directional hair spray with immediate fixing action. When misted over hair it enables the style to be defined and imprints the desired form. A must-have product for professional salon use, this spray evenly distributes the product, contributing to flexible style moulding. Enhances and defines individual locks, creating volume and ultra-structured styles. Whiff shields hair, protecting it from external aggressions and environmental agents, without leaving residue or weighing hair down. The directional spray does not dry out or stiffen hair. It can easily be removed with just a few strokes of a hairbrush.

400 ml size

Whiff – Extra Strong Fix Hairspray

Fix – Strong Hairspray

Enhances style creations, protects and makes hair soft and glossy. Strong Fix Hairspray defines every detail of your desired look and maintains the condition of the hair through a lightweight, gentle and shielding microfilm. Hair is soft, shiny and stands out due to its ultra-firm hold and precise control. It doesn’t weigh hair down and is recommended for all hair types.

500 ml size

Straight Fluid – Protective Spray

Essential for reducing exposure to heat damage from using straighteners, the Slash Straight Fluid Smoothing Spray protects hair, preventing depletion of the hair fibre from mechanical stress, as well as prolonging the smoothing action associated with technical services. Long-lasting action, doesn’t weight hair down or make it greasy.

150 ml spray

Slash - Aqua Slight

Aqua Slight – Hydro Nourishing 2 Phase Balm

Slash Aqua Slight 2 Phase is a hydro-nourishing balm for processed hair or hair that has been stripped of moisture. Its innovative dual action restores the correct water balance into the hair fibre, injecting it with shine and vitality and simultaneously smoothing the hair cuticle thanks to its instant acidifying action. The bi-phasal properties of this hydro-nourishing balm make it an ideal product for use after technical treatments.

250 ml size