With their soft, velvety texture, ABSTYLE mousses are lightweight foams that are ideal for finishing off your style creations with taste, sobriety and elegance.

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Whiff | Extra Strong Hair Mousse

Volume Mousse Extra Strong

Extra Strong Hair Mousse gives hair ultra-strong hold, supporting even the most creative styles. Whiff styling mousse has a velvety foam, delicate texture and all-day hold. Innovative and effective in creating structure when styling, ABSTYLE  fixing mousse is gentle on hair during the styling process. Thanks to its moist texture, it hydrates hair, setting it firmly in place and leaving it extremely soft to the touch.

400 ml size

Gel in Mousse

Slash Gel in Mousse reinvents the concept of finishing, offering innovative and natural style creations thanks to the shine, softness and volume with which it defines hair. Ideal for creating all types of looks for all types of hair, it supports and adds volume, combined with a moisturising and revitalising action that’s essential for healthy, polished-looking hair. It doesn’t weigh hair down.

300 ml size

Memory Mousse for Curly or Wavy Hair

Memory Mousse, which has been specifically designed, for naturally curly, wavy or permed hair, creates body and lasting hold. It enhances the hair’s wave through properties that separate and define the hair, making curls full of body, shine and incredible elasticity. Effectively counteracts unsightly frizz and ensures soft, shiny hair. Leave-in formula.

300 ml size

Defining Mousse Strong

Whiff Defining Mousse offers a precise, sculpted look with lasting hold. Recommended for styling that requires a high level of support, it combines the high-definition of both versatile and glamour looks with hair that is surprisingly vibrant and glossy. Whiff mousse guarantees ultra-strong hold thanks to its gentle formulation that doesn’t irritate the scalp or weigh hair down.

400 ml size