We’re not just about hair products, but also creating trends, inspiration and style… The ABSTYLE

The hair salon is a temple of beauty and a place where your customers can reinvent their image and open up to innovation. The hair stylist is a faithful follower of the cult of innovation and well-being, revolutionising the client’s style journey and encouraging them to try out new trends.

ABSTYLE is the common thread running between modernity and change thanks to its avant-garde formulations, innovative and constantly evolving style and colorimetric techniques, alongside beauty rituals that have been designed to meet the specific needs of all women.

It changes the rules of the game, disrupts preconceived ideas and signals a new frontier in haircare: trends come and go but the innovation of ABSTYLE remains.


It’s our natural inclination for taste and a passion for detail that makes a difference: Italian style has always stood out due to its sobriety. A result of Comprof’s many years of experience, ABSTYLE is the most authentic expression of the Made in Italy concept: product ranges and treatments that have been designed, produced and manufactured in Italy.